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Trip to Kherson region 

This week our volunteers visited the villages of Kherson region: Vysoke, Matrosivka and Virivka. This week they distributed such aid to civilians as canned food, potatoes, onions, beets, cabbage and dried apples. The vegetables were donated by residents of Silets, Batyatuchi and Dobrotvir. We also received some briquettes from the Church of Staryi Kropyvnyk village.

Our volunteers also visited the military with the following aid:
canned food, dishes, warm clothes, sleeping bags, flashlights, socks, briquettes, hygiene products and instant food.

Our volunteers told us that the situation in Kherson region is tense now, villages and towns are constantly shelled, people still live in constant tension and danger. Therefore, we urge you not to stop praying for the situation in the Kherson region and for a ceasefire in our territories in general.

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