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Christmas to the Frontline

7 days. 4 regions. 14 events. 1,300 children for whom we managed to make a Christmas holiday.

It was an extremely blessed week for our team. We felt God's support on the way and His protection during the events.

In total, we visited 14 locations, each of which held Christmas events:

⁃ Kharkiv region (Izyum)
⁃ Donetsk region (Oleksandrivka, Druzhkivka)
⁃ Dnipropetrovsk region (Petropavlivka, Pavlohrad, Pokrovske, Velykomykhailivka)
⁃ Mykolaiv region (Mykolaiv, Oleksandrivka, Shuryno)

We would like to thank everyone who joined this trip, because thanks to you, we were able to bring so much joy to these children.

⁃ We are thankful for many Christmas gifts from GiveCare and our Dutch and German friends.
⁃ For the Christmas food parcels, we thank the mission "Ukraine for Christ" and "The four Ukraine".
⁃ We thank the Bible Mission
⁃ Kate from the Netherlands for the sweets and toys for the kids.
⁃ We sincerely thank the pre-schools of Boryslav #11 and #3 for the gifts.
⁃ Many thanks to the families who hosted our team for the night and took care of us.
⁃ And also to all those who donated money and supported us in prayer.

We are launching another project for children living in the frontline areas: "Christmas to the Frontline». Why is it so important to us?
Let's start with the fact that a year ago we launched the “Christmas Time” project. It was aimed at collecting 1000 Christmas gifts, which our volunteers distributed to children in the eastern regions of Ukraine. Later, in the summer, we had the opportunity to spend three holidays in the Dnipropetrovsk region, where we were supported by many of our friends and partners, and together we were able to make the children who live there a little happier. We saw how important attention is for these children. We were amazed at how much they thanked us for the gifts. For our children, these are ordinary things, but for children living in the frontline areas, many ordinary things have become important and valuable.
After this trip , we set a goal to work and do everything possible to reach even more children. That is why we are now actively preparing for a new trip, because right after the new year, we will go to the Eastern regions of Ukraine with the “Road of Life” team. In total, we plan to visit five regions in a week, where we will hold 14 events.

Today we need your support. How can you help?
The first thing is prayer. We ask for your prayers that God will help us to do everything according to the plan.
The second is financial support. You can join this project by donating money.

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