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Academy of Rising Talents

Art Therapy

At the art therapy class, children will learn various artistic techniques and discover the world of creativity and their own imagination. 

English for Preschoolers

4-5 years is a good age for learning a new language.
In classes children communicate with the teacher and their peers in English and learn new words.

English courses

Language training is aimed at expanding
vocabulary and improve grammar, our teachers use modern teaching methods.


Every holiday season, the ART School hosts creative workshops on making crafts using various techniques.

ART-Academy of Raising Talents is a new innovative school in Boryslav, created by the NGO "Road of Life".The Academy of Raising Talents is a special school that will provide children with an excellent opportunity to develop their potential in various fields. At our school, children will not only be able to learn languages, but also master the art of art therapy and creativity, and at Web-It courses, children will learn design and animation.Language training at the Academy of Raising Talents will be aimed at expanding vocabulary, improving grammar and the ability to express opinions correctly. Our teachers will use modern teaching methods, group and individual lessons that will allow each student to develop their language skills at their own level.Our school will also offer art therapy, which is a powerful tool for the personal development of a child. During art therapy classes, children will learn various artistic techniques, experiment with different materials and discover the world of creativity and their own imagination.Our NGO continues to work with IDP children and children from low-income families. Among these privileged places, we have places for children of our fallen soldiers and missing persons.

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